Some of My Experiences with Clients as a VoiceBio©™ Practitioner:

“In an industry cluttered with fraudulent claims, zealous marketers, money-hungry opportunistic, and misinformed ‘experts.’ It has been a relief meeting and working with someone who is so full of truth. Kae has combined experience, reason, and intuition to develop VoiceBio Analysis. I highly recommend everyone to experience the results.”

Arnel L., Santa Monica, CA ~ VoiceBio Practitioner


“I was working at the Chiropractors office. Dr. Kae brought in the VoiceBio machine. She gave me a reading and it picked up an infection in the teeth/mouth area. I thought it was unusual because I felt very healthy and had no symptoms of anything at the time. I had just completed a root scaling – deep gum cleaning with the dentist and we still had one section to go. I told the dentist on the next visit about the machine and what it had picked up. He merely dismissed it and said he saw no signs of any infection. I felt nothing either so I just let it go.

A few months passed & I moved out of state, and had to get a new dentist. He insisted that although I had x rays- he needed his own for his records. They came back with a very serious infection in my lower teeth area with signs of bone loss and soft tissue mass. He said we had to do some root canals to try & save the teeth and he immediately put me on a very heavy dose of antibiotics. I told him I had no pain and asked how could it be so bad ? He said the infection was in a state where the immune system of my body was keeping it under control. As he performed the three root canals that day, so much of my root was pure mush from infection. He had to leave them open to drain for weeks. I told him about the intense root cleaning I had received, & that maybe the old dentist ‘s equipment might have caused the infection. He said at the state that my soft tissue and bone was in, the infection had been there for years, possibly 3 or 4 yrs old. This matched up to the time prior when I had a bad abscess and due to finances, could not get help at that time.

I eat well and take care of my health. Thank God my immune system kept things under control. My dentist said if this condition had not been diagnosed, I could be in serious adverse health right now. My vital organs could have been permanently damaged from the infection, and the long term consequences are hard to imagine. They say the infection from teeth can damage the heart or cause the infection to spread to the entire body. People have died from this. With a diagnostic tool so precise as the VoiceBio, it can see things before other diagnostic readings can. This could save lives & prevent future long term health problems. Its a pro-active, conscious approach to being responsible for your health.”

Cheryl P., California


“My mind was going blank, my body was going numb and it did not seem to matter what I did. The Doctors took their usual mega bucks only to tell me, “We just don’t know!” How little they understood nutrition. It took only one voice print consultation to know that I was in “overload’ from too much detoxification taking place in my body from all the nutritional supplements I was taking. I thought I might have had a major disease and would die soon. Instead I was recommended to go off all my supplements for three days and then go back to much smaller amounts, if any, as my body was no longer able to tolerate the quality of the work natural nutritional supplements were doing in my body. I was just not getting cleaned out. Three Days later, I was out of brain fog, the paralysis had begun to disappear and I was able to think and say what I was thinking. A Miracle to me…. all the more reason to become a VoiceBio Certified Level One and Two Practitioner. I have already worked with others who had the same “blocked and overloaded” pattern. We are all thankful.”

Gary Sinclair


“Voice analysis is a useful tool in assessing general aspects of health. For me the initial chart indicated that my thyroid and colon numbers were very low. After working for three months with iodine for the thyroid and Primal Defense and colon cleanse for colon, the next voice analysis indicated that both areas are now strong and the numbers are up. I cannot think of a less expensive or an easier way to monitor and support health.

A client of mine had her voice chart done. She is an acupuncturist (someone who is knowledgeable and takes care of health) and young, so I expected a fairly balanced reading. To my horror, her heart energy, in the lower octaves on the chart looked so stressed that I was concerned for her longevity and immediate health. Avoiding scaring her I asked a number of questions to help make sense of the reading. Eventually we pinpointed a problem in her treatment room, where the air conditioner made a constant and terrific hum. I asked her if it had not bothered her and she replied that she had just focused it out of her mind. When we muscle tested her it indicated that the loud and persistent hum had indeed affected her heart negatively. The hum has since been fixed; it was two pipes rubbing on each other that were easily separated. Now there is no noise at all. She is attending her heart with good nutrition including CoQ10 and I anticipate that the next reading will show an improved or totally healthy heart.”

Helga Kollar, M.A., Pacific Palisades, CA


“I needed to let you know how my outlook has changed since I saw you in Los Angeles. I feel for the first time in a long time that my health is going to be just fine. I am so glad I heard you on The Aware Show. I have felt for a long time that traditional medicine was too invasive. I am even a little concerned about the safety of body scanning. Your method is so different. I don’t totally understand it, but I do know that we are energy and that energy produces some type of frequency. To be able to use that frequency to determine what is off is so wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to research and learn everything you have about the body. I really do appreciate your approach.”

P. Oor, California


“I did a voice print on a friend who had suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 12 years and was on a drug to control the symptoms of chronic diarrhea. She had been to a naturopathic healer whose recommendations helped for a short while but did not clear the condition.

I noticed on her print that her G# note which correlates to digestive enzymes was very low and that perhaps poorly digested food was irritating her colon, causing her condition. I suggested a digestive enzyme which she obtained. Her condition immediately and completely cleared up and she has had no problem since.”

Cheryl Forest, M.H., Certified VoiceBio©™ Analyst


“A young woman came into my office. She was having difficulty with her libido caused by her antidepressant medication. Because she was newly wed, she was particularly concerned. I took a voiceprint, looked up the resonance of the medication she was taking and found that it was causing imbalance. I looked up a number of other antidepressant medications that basically did the same things, but their resonance were safer for the client. She then went back to her doctor who was open to the idea and pursuing this. He did not like two of the medications due to side effects, and chose the third. Within days, the young woman was back to normal.”

Julie Verburg, VoiceBio©™ Analyst, Sicamous, British Columbia


“During my several years of experience as a VoiceBio©™ practitioner, I have been most gratified to work with many clients who have used this tool to great benefit. A few individuals particularly stand out.

The first was a young boy of 13 who could not sleep at night. He had been taken everywhere for treatment, but to no avail. This boy also could not effectively concentrate on his schoolwork. After my first session with him, he took home his “sound formula.” His mother called the very next day to say her son had slept through the night for the first time in years. During the next visit with me, I received lots of grateful hugs from this young boy. As time went on, he was able to concentrate in school and continued to sleep through the night. I monitored this young man over the course of several weeks. He reported an improvement in attitude, concentration, digestion, and stamina. Needless to say, this was a boy who was happy he discovered VoiceBio©™.

Then there was a woman who sustained a head injury as a result of a terrible car accident. Shortly after the accident, about 5 years ago, I programmed a set of frequencies for her as support during her recovery. Most recently, she was having trouble walking, a problem that developed quite unexpectedly. In her panic to reach her doctor, she accidently knocked over some books at her home… lo and behold, there was her long retired tone box. On impulse, she picked it up and listened to the tones. Very quickly, strength came back into her legs. By keeping the sound flowing, she was able to stand up, get to the doctor and return home before the battery wore down. She was stunned that this sound could help her so much, especially 5 years after it was created.

Finally, there was the client I advised to add B vitamins, especially B-12 to her daily regimen. (This recommendation followed her voice print and associated assessment.) She was initially very skeptical about sound frequency overall, and did not choose to apply my recommendation. However, she later went to her allopathic physician for the same problem ,and he told her she needed B vitamins, especially B-12. She was stunned and gave me a confirmation call without delay. Not only did she begin the vitamins, she also enthusiastically requested a tone formula!

Over and over, I see just how much sound frequency makes a difference in peoples’ lives!”

Mary Carney, ND, CNC, Mary is a naturopath with a degree in music. She teaches music at a school in Lynchburg, VA, and continues her work as a certified VoiceBio©™ practitioner.
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