How Does Frequency Work With the Body?

Fueled by electro-magnetic energy and organized according to a unique DNA blueprint, the various organs, glands and systems of the human body are meant to function independently, yet as a whole. The heart, lungs, pancreas and nervous system all have specialized jobs requiring specialized resources. However, to maintain health, all systems and organs must be in constant communication and interacting equitably. If communication breaks down, or if excessive or prolonged stress is placed on one system or organ, an imbalance can develop, first presenting warning symptoms and then more severe challenges.

The various parts of the body attract resources and communicate with each other by way of sound frequency. In other words, each organ has its own keynote frequency that resonates to the particular nutrients, minerals and sound vibration required for function. As an example, the colon vibrates to the note of B, while the liver vibrates to the note of G. Fortunately, for our sanity, the frequencies of our organs and systems function outside the range of human hearing. There are in all, 12 keynote frequencies present in the human body:

The keynote frequencies found in the body are the very same frequencies found in music. And just as the note of C appears several times on a piano keyboard at varying octaves, the note of C appears many times in the body. The voice, being the composite sound of the human being, is representative of all of the frequencies in the body.

Until now, we might have been tempted to consider the human voice to be one sound, distinctive certainly from person to person, but definitely not revealing 12 individual sound frequencies. However, through the technology of VoiceBio©™, the independent frequencies can be captured, translated and sorted onto a voice print chart, giving a highly accurate indication of physical function.

The Importance of Voice Prints

With a perfect body in an ideal world, a voice print would show every one of the 12 sound frequencies registering an equal number of sound hits. That would mean a voice print of 240 overall hits, will register 20 hits in each of the frequency categories. Unfortunately, such perfection does not exist in the real world. Instead, as a result of poor lifestyle habits, genetic tendencies and environmental factors, a voice print will show a range of heavy hit categories and weak hit categories interspersed with those that are in the average range. An assessment of the heavy and weak areas of a voice print can act as a guide to improved health, regeneration and increased energy. A voice print can literally point out exactly not only why the door is locked, but also which key is needed to “unlock the door.”

When an individual experiences pain, health challenges, physical deterioration or inflammation, it is because the balance of frequencies has been disturbed or interrupted by discordance. There is always an underlying cause and effect. Determining the cause that is creating the effect has long been the primary challenge of medical science. Because an individual’s frequencies are scanned and measured through VoiceBio©™, this new technology can be an invaluable, non-invasive diagnostic tool.

A Hypothetical Example Showing How VoiceBio©™ Works:

As is the case with so many newborns, baby Michael is first introduced to nutrients by way of a sweetened, canned formula. As he gets older, he is fed a diet laden with sugar. He drinks soda pop instead of water, eats candy instead of vegetables, and insists on macaroni and cheese for dinner every evening. The parents wonder why their son has frequent ear infections and suffers from airborne allergies as well as poor concentration in school. But the mystery of the ear infections and poor academic performance can be quickly solved with a 5 minute voice print. This child has been putting undue stress on pancreatic function since the day he was born. Not surprisingly, his voice print shows heavy frequency hits in the note of F, the vibration of the pancreas. Not coincidentally, F is also the frequency of the ears. Relieve excess F stress from this child’s system through nutritional support and lifestyle changes, and he is likely to enjoy better health overall.

Frequencies and Other People Around You

While organs and systems within an individual’s body share energy and communication, so too do people living together within a relationship or family unit. In fact, individuals who have long-term physical imbalances will often attract those who have opposite imbalances. (Yes, that may mean you fell in love with your husband for his F# frequency!) Whenever the opposites are together, they will feel more complete because each is filling in a missing frequency for the other. Such a dynamic is not the ideal, since individual balance offers the most strength. However, this factor does explain why one spouse will find it difficult to get healthier if the other is not willing to do the same. This also explains why partners in an abusive, co-dependent relationship keep going back to each other. They are “medicating” each other by providing missing sound frequencies.

Everything in the Universe functions through sound vibration. Because VoiceBio©™ accurately reveals the frequency patterns of the body, it can be an invaluable assessment tool on the way to understanding and realizing optimal physical health.


Frequency and Emotions

While every organ and system present in the human body has its own keynote frequency, so too does every human emotion and feeling. This is true of momentary, passing emotions (a person feels anger after getting cut off in traffic), or for those emotions that become chronic (viewing oneself as a martyr). Yes, whether it be jealousy, love, bitterness, resentment, contentment or anxiety, every constructive or destructive emotion and feeling, has a signature frequency that links it to associated physical parts.

Since emotions share energy with physical body parts, it is extremely important that emotional function be healthy and balanced if optimal health and well being are to be realized. When emotional function becomes inflamed or exaggerated, the related physical areas can either become equally inflamed (or depressed in function), because the emotion is encouraging an imbalanced flow of energy. Likewise, if a person is resistant to feeling, the related body area will experience the pressure of having to compensate for the related lack of emotion. In many instances, a person suffering from physical distress in an organ or body part will actually “fuel” the physical with emotion.

Let’s look at some examples….

First, a case of physical problems initiating emotional upsets. Consider a female client whose voiceprint registers poor physical support in the frequency of G#. Her health history reveals several relatives with gall bladder problems but she shows no sign of such a challenge. This woman’s husband is a professional, his job requiring the couple to frequently entertain. Her daughter is a cheerleader, her son, a star player on the soccer and football teams at school. This client initially complained of never having time for herself because she was always chauffeuring and doing errands for her family. While she had a lack of physical frequency “hits” in the note of G# on her voiceprint, she did show a great deal of emotional stress in that note. In other words, she was compensating emotionally for a physical weakness she had inherited. Her emotions, while uncomfortable, were literally creating enough energy to keep her digestive processes going. When this woman started to build physical G# energy through nutritional and lifestyle changes, her emotional stress diminished. Nothing much in her life had changed, since she still needed to chauffeur, plan and entertain. However, she experienced a lot more strength and power personally when she didn’t feel the need to balance the physical with the emotional. Amazingly, she consequently had the courage to speak her mind to her husband, discovering he was quite positively supportive to her needs and ideas … and always had been.

Then there was the male client who grew up in a home where an atmosphere of coldness prevailed. As a boy, this individual felt unloved and isolated. He compensated by turning his feelings inward and using comfort food as his most trusted companion. Not surprisingly, he chose a wife who offered little affection, and to make matters worse, his children grew up to be disappointments. This man led a respectable, highly practical life, all the while feeling the world was against him. He had limited financial means and believed there was no way out of his lack and limitation. The “martyr” attitude he developed as his reality took so much energy to maintain, physical energy was consistently pulled from his B frequency. He was puzzled at his bowel problems and suffered daily from carpal tunnel syndrome. And nothing he attempted by way of physical remedies offered relief or regularity. This person required a change of attitude and a conscious process of forgiveness to stabilize the emotional and physical energy flow in his B frequency.

An Invaluable, Non-invasive and Accurate Assessment Tool

VoiceBio©™ is a unique diagnostic, screening tool which assesses both an individual’s physical and emotional energetics, and the relationship between the two. This relationship is important in determining lifestyle changes because it is often the emotions which affect physical balance and vice versa. Understanding this dynamic makes it clear that someone seeking to improve visual health without addressing fear issues will face a losing battle. And someone wishing to become less codependent will find it next to impossible without supporting related physical body systems.

Let’s take frequency education one step further. With emotional frequencies as with physical frequencies, there is an interplay that takes place between people living together in a family or partnership arrangement. A husband who is a “fixer” will naturally team up with a wife who is a “worrier” since these emotions supply complementary yet contrasting frequencies that fill in a lacking energetic. Might seem an ideal symbiotic relationship as long as neither partner chooses to grow out of their stressful tendencies. Ah, but if the wife decides she has stressed herself enough to where she wishes to worry much less, she is likely to find resistance from her spouse, since to worry less means he will have less of the “worry frequency” available to him… unless he does NOT need it any longer because he chooses to take better care of his cardiovascular system.

Human beings are multifaceted. Science is learning that it is the complex interaction between one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that determines overall quality of life. The challenge comes in measuring that interaction effectively and accurately. VoiceBio©™ is a noninvasive, cutting edge tool that offers an inside peek at holistic energy patterns within the individual… as well as within the couple or family unit. VoiceBio©™ can consequently offer direction when it comes to changing ingrained patterns that have become unhealthy or counterproductive.


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Frequency and the Body


Food for Thought

“There is no doubt that “sound” is transformative. Tibetan and Gregorian Chants, Hindu Oujas, mantras and Oms… prayers that are spoken or sung… and the springtime song of a robin, are only a few of many examples that are testimony to the powerful effects of sound.”

-Kae Thompson-Liu


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