Kae Thompson-Liu

Kae Thompson-Liu is the developer of VoiceBio©™ and the founder/director of VIBEprints©™ Corporation. Based outside of Roanoke, VA, she currently writes, teaches classes and continues to create new technology around the concept of voice and frequency.

A Message From Kae Thompson-Liu…

In 1977 I was diagnosed with major medical problems only to find that I was not given many choices aside from a variety of pills and surgeries. I was young, inexperienced and came from a background of knowing only traditional medical avenues. By 1979, after dealing with too many of those pills and surgeries, still suffering, hearing there was no relief in sight other than more pills and surgeries; I found myself hunting for alternatives. I was a single mom and could not afford the continuing ill health and absolute fatigue. Frustration became my motivation, Anger became the locomotion, especially when I discovered mistruths told to me when I obtained & read my own medical records. Synchronicity did the rest and I found my health through Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture etc and never went back!

Even as I spent a number of years doing traditional jobs, focusing on making money, paying bills and being a single Mom, I enjoyed an ongoing interest in naturopathy. Devoting a great deal of time to research and education, eventually, I became a naturopath.

Then came more education! As I dealt with client after client, I noticed that people had difficulty getting well because they, and I, had difficulty knowing exactly what was wrong. They could benefit from traditional medical tests which were extremely expensive, but these were not readily available to those of limited financial means or those without insurance. In addition, some of the side effects of the more invasive tests were debilitating to a person already in a weakened state. Finally, most medical testing was focus-specific. In other words, the cardiovascular system was assessed with one test, but a parallel evaluation of the digestive system would require a whole new round of tests. Valuable time lost, while the source of the problem remained hidden in a seemingly unrelated area of the body.

My research and intuition told me that sound frequency was the answer. Our planet literally functions through sound frequency. Traditions of sound healing and music therapy span centuries and cultures. Every organ and system in the human body has its own seemingly silent frequency. In fact, every emotion and feeling also has a specific frequency. It is through these frequencies that our organs and cells communicate.

Partnering with a technology expert, we created a measuring device that could capture and sort the frequencies present in a voice sample. VoiceBio©™ was born. Over the past 2+ decades, I have put VoiceBio©™ to the test, doing thousands and thousands of voice prints of people all over the world. The accuracy of VoiceBio©™ has now been established. This innovative technology is comparatively inexpensive, takes only 5 minutes to register, and can offer a wealth of information, since a voiceprint provides a wholistic overview of a person’s energetics.

What can VoiceBio©™ do? Shed light on a nagging health problem that just can’t be solved… warn of a predisposition toward a serious illness to allow time for preventative efforts… help determine the ideal remedy for a physical or emotional problem… explain the energetics behind “inherited” health conditions… reveal how emotions can fill in for physicially deteriorated organs and systems… explain the dynamic present in addictive/abusive relationships.. provide the key to shifting ingrained energetic patterns… and so much more!

It is now my goal to make this technology available to many more people. VoiceBio©™ can be an invaluable tool in clinics and doctor’s offices. Even psychotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, home caretakers, counselors and physical trainers could use this modality to assess their patients and clients in order to get the most out of a treatment plan. Quite simply, the voice reveals what the body knows.

I invite you to join us!
Kae Thompson-Liu, ND, MHt.

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