VoiceBio assessments are currently conducted in person only and not over the phone due to wide variances in the respective voice data captured by each method. Therefore, over-the-phone VoiceBio assessments are invalid and not to be executed until the VoiceBio patent-pending technology has been further developed.

 What Can We Do With Sound Readings?

VoiceBio©™ functions on the principal that the human voice, apart from being a communication medium, also exhibits all of the silent and audible working frequencies of the body, mind and emotions. While there are 12 essential sound frequencies which make up and define human energetics, a majority of individuals have missing or stressed "notes" which correlate with weakened brain patterns. Weakened brain patterns translate to compromised health and impaired regenerative abilities.

First and foremost, VoiceBio©™ is a valuable and accurate assessment tool. But identifying a problem without providing a viable solution can lead to frustration and hopelessness. For those wishing to directly impact their own frequency balance, sound formulas can be the answer. A sound formula is a specific pattern of tones that fills in missing or weakened frequencies until the brain is trained to produce those tones on its own. Just as an orthodontist realigns teeth and trains them to a more preferred pattern, so too, a tone formula can help to align brain patterns to more ideal balance.

Because we are continually seeking balance, we unconsciously search for the tone frequencies which are not present in necessary abundance naturally within us. An individual could find himself studying at his kitchen table instead of at his bedroom desk simply because the refrigerator motor provides a missing tone. Another person might listen over and over to a particular symphony because the music is written in a needed key. Crazily enough, yet another might spend hours lending an ear to a friend's chatter... just because that friend has a voice laden with a missing tone.

Sound formulas are a way to specifically and efficiently provide tones according to requirements spelled out by a personalized voice chart. To take advantage of the art of sound formulas, a voice print is first registered. The practitioner will evaluate the range of tone hits, and do some additional testing with the client. Several different formulas are then created on a special tone box, and the client chooses which "feels" the best. The tone box with the appropriate formulas will go home with the client, and the individual simply listens to his or her personalized tones for a period of approximately 45 minutes daily by way of stereo earphones. After a month, progress is assessed and either a new formula is provided or an adjustment is made to the already established formula. Progress can be speedy for those willing to apply discipline to the process.

Charting a definitive course back to health and heightened well being can begin with VoiceBio©™. Find a certified practitioner near you to get started on the path.

Food For Thought
Music sets up a certain vibration which unquestionably results in a physical reaction. Eventually the proper vibration for every person will be found and utilized.

--George Gershwin

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